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Zhu Bixin met with GLP CEO

Office of the President     2019-08-09         

On August 6, Zhu Bixin, the Group’s Chairman met with Mei Zhiming, GLP’s Co-Founder and CEO at the Group’s headquarters. The two sides conducted in-depth discussion on promoting modern logistics, fund investment and financial services. CMST Chairman Han Tielin, CCT Fund’s General Manager Wei Ran, and GLP Group (China)’s Chief Strategic Officer Dongfang Hao attended the meeting.

Zhu Bixin welcomed Mei Zhiming and the delegation. He introduced China Chengtong’s achievements as the pilot state-owned capital operating company, and its operation in fund investment, equity management, assets operation and financial services. Zhu also shared China Chengtong’s strength and experiences in integrated logistics services with GLP Group. Zhu Bixin noted that GLP is the largest provider for modern industrial parks and related services in China, and also built China’s earliest business operation system for smart logistics and related industries, and has been an advocate ever since. China Chengtong is willing to work with GLP in modern logistics, fund investment and financial services to achieve win-win development.

Mei Zhiming introduced GLP’s development since it entered into the Chinese market, and its distribution of logistics parks, industrial parks and technological parks in global strategic regional markets. Mei Zhiming said that China Chengtong has the largest and most widely distributed logistics network in China encompassing warehousing, delivery and information integration system, thus he hoped GLP could enhance cooperation with China Chengtong in warehousing logistics and fund investment to make more achievements.

Relevant personnel from China Chengtong’s Office of the President and GLP (China) attended the meeting.

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