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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun participated in the Forum of Experts and Representatives of Logistic Enterprises Held by Ministry of Commerce

Chengtong President Office     2011-07-26         

On July 25th, the Group’s CEO Hong Shuikun attended the Forum of Experts and Representatives of Logistic Enterprises ghosted by Minister of Commerce Chen Bingde.

Participants studied the main problems faced by the current operating of logistic industry and main factors restricting the development of logistics,before  came to a conclusion of the current situation and tendency of the logistic industry, and raised proposals of policies to implement the regulations of logistics, lowering the logistic cost and promote a healthy development of the logistic industry.

Hong stated that the main factors restricting the logistic development included the flowing 7 points: 1) there is no fixed relevant department to coordinate the logistic industry; 2) the taxation burden of logistic enterprises is too large; 3) the cost of relocation of enterprises is too high; 4) the subject of investment in agricultural and sideline products disperses; 5) the high cost and unjustified fines in transportation reduce the efficiency of logistics; 6) the current managing model of rail freight refines economic development; 7) the backup policy to implement the “going-out” strategy lags behind. Hong thus raised five points in his policy proposal. They are:1)to intensify the macroscopic readjustment and control, and policy guide; 2) to provide policy support to the use of land, and annexation and reorganization of logistics; 3) to adjust the taxation policy and reduce the taxation burden of logistic enterprises; 4) to clean up the unjustified fines in transportation; 5) to support the development of model logistic projects.

Experts and persons in charge in Sinotrans Container Lines Co. Ltd., COSCO, Zhejiang Materials Industry Group, Tianjin Materials and Equipment Group Corporation, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, China Association of Materials and Goods, Storage and Transportation, China Institute of Commerce and Economy and Beijing Jiaotong University attended this forum.  


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