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The Group Held the Meeting of Operating Analysis in the 1st Half Year

Chengtong President Office     2011-07-20         

The Group held the Meeting of Operating Analysis in the 1sthalf year on July 19thin Beijing. General accountant of the Group first made a report on the implementation of the Group’s budget in the 1sthalf year. The Group’s board chairman Ma Zhengwu, deputy director of board of supervisors of the state council Wang Min, the professional supervisor Wang Xiangxin attended the meeting. The Group’s president Hong Shuikun represented the cadres of the Group to deliver a speech, reporting the focus of the Group’s work in the 1sthalf year and assigning the 2ndhalf year’s tasks. China Paper, China Storage and Transportation, Chengtong Metal gave their speeches on their operating status quo in the 1sthalf year. Other subsidiary enterprises exchanged their idea with written materials.The meeting was hosted by vice president Li Yousheng.

The revenue of the Group in the 1sthalf year amounted to 31.8bn yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 39%, and realized 53% of the budget. The total profit accomplished 49.8% of the budget and raised by a 39.06% year-on-year increase of 150m yuan to 539 m yuan (the actual increasing rate is 32%, considering the influence of CPI). On the whole, the operating turned out to be better than expected. The paper industry, logistics and trade had very good performances. 

Hong centered 6 points in summarizing the important work of the 1sthalf year: 1) the intensified strategic study enabled the arrangement of work during the 12thfive year plan.; 2) the strengthened  implementation of strategy enhanced the core competitiveness; 3) the internal integrity perfected the structure of the arrangement; 4) the quickened development model reform improved the inner quality; 5) the “going-out” strategy was actively pushed forward; 6) the innovative Party construction improved the team of cadres. He also analyzed the main challenges and the problems to be solved in the following work. 

Hong also pointed out that the nation’s macroeconomic environment in the 1st half year was complicated, and it was worthy of summarizing the experience of the Group’s work in conquering the economic vibration and continuous inflation, avoiding effectively the operating risks, energetically pushing forward all kinds of work and keeping a stable development. He also approved the work and achievement made by the Group in the 1sthalf year. The enterprises of different levels in the Group implemented the spirit of the Group’s 2011 annual meeting and requirements of the board of directors on the 2011’s working focus, and actively devoted to the opening work of the 12thfive year plan, so the operating conformed to the budget and plan.

Hong made requirements on the work of the Group for the 2ndhalf year, including intensifying the study of the July 1stspeech of President Hu Jintao to understand the profound changes in international, national and the Party’s environment together with the Party’s challenges, taking full responsibility and conforming the developmental orientation and actions to the spirit of the July 1stspeech.

Hong emphasized that the current tendency of innovation in the basic level units were very active. In contrast, the headquarters’ competitiveness in organization and control of the basic level units is faced with great challenge. In response, the headquarters need to emancipate the mind, actively adjust to the microeconomic changes, attach importance to the encumbering enterprises of the Group, solve their problems, and intensify the readjustment of structure and integrity of the resources, in order to accomplish all kinds of work defined in the year plan with no discount.

At last, the meeting calls the Group for recognizing the current situation, catching up the opportunity, sticking to the strategic guide and innovative development, to assure the completion of the whole year’s work with an opener view. 


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