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The Group Held Working Conference on Technical Innovation

The Group’s Headquarter     2011-09-06         

The Group held a working conference Sept 1st and 2nd. It was the Group’s first conference focusing on the subject of technical innovation, which was of profound meaning. The conference intensified to implement the spirit of the nation’s 12th five year plan, the development outline for national enterprises during the 12th five year plan period and working conference on the technical innovation of national enterprises, and studied and arranged the Group’s work concerning technical innovation for the next step.

The Group’s president Hong Shuikun, associate director of office I of large sized state-owned enterprise board of supervisors Wang Min, supervisor Wang Xiangxin, the Group’s vice president Wang Bin and Cheng Wu, general accountant Xu Zhen, persons in charge in important secondary companies, persons in charge of technical innovation section and technical management section in the secondary companies, main persons in charge in the Group’s important contact enterprises (including high-tech enterprises) in 2011 or persons in charge of technical innovation in these enterprises, persons in charge in the research institutions owned by the Group attended the conference, amounting all together to more than 70 people. The Group’s vice president Li Yousheng hosted the conference.


Vice president Hong Shuikun delivered an important speech entitled “To Intensify Technical Innovations and Accelerate Transformation of Development”. He discussed profoundly about the significance of technical innovation, and emphasized that in order to cope with the overall unfolding of the 12th five year plan strategy, the Group should have a comprehensive consideration over the work of technical innovation, and through systematic planning and efficient arranging, play a leading role in the technical innovation, so as to form an important force pushing forward the development of the 12th five year plan period. He analyzed comprehensively the achievements and shortcomings of the Group in the work of technical innovation. He also discerned the challenges and opportunities faced by the Group in the work of technical innovation, emphasizing on actively engagement in the development of the recently emergent industries through bringing into play the Group’s advantages, integration of social resources supporting high-tech innovation with the Group’s advantage in assets operating, and making full use of the encouraging policy in technical innovation, in order to fulfill the task of national enterprises and enhance the Group’s own researching and innovative capability. Hong pointed out the guiding spirit and fundamental rule for the Group’s technical innovation work, emphasizing that as a strategic holding company, the Group should consider the elements of multiple development and features of technical innovation in various industries, carry out the general principle of “resource integration, sort management, and clear focus in supporting the technical innovation strategy”, and fully play the strategic guiding role. The Group’s following work includes intensifying technical development planning, perfecting technical management system, integrating and optimizing technical resources, establishing long term mechanism for technical input, intensifying the training of talented workforce, enhancing the management of the intellectual property rights and the brand building, and forming a corporate culture favoring the technical innovation.

China Paper, China Storage and Transport, and China National Packaging Corparation discussed the tendency, status quo and plans of technical innovation in respective fields on the conference. Other secondary enterprises and important contact enterprises exchanged written materials. Conference participants grouped to discuss over Hong’s speech, and actively gave their opinions on understanding and implementing the technical innovation work. The participants also visited China Packaging Research and Test Center.

Vice president Li Yousheng concluded the conference by emphasizing that the Group should fully recognize the new situation in the technical innovation work, enhance the understanding of the technical innovation work, conscientiously study the spirit of the conference, intensify technical development planning and management, break through a number of core technologies, push forward innovations of service and management, establish and optimize the system of technical innovation management, push on integration of technical resources among enterprises, make fuller use of the nation’s benefiting policies and carry forward the Group’s informatization construction.

Participants spoke highly of the significance and achievements of this conference, thinking it favoring the realization of the Group’s strategy in a new period as well as favoring the enhancement of the Group’s capability in technical innovation.


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