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Chairman of the Board Ma Zhengwu met with Party Sectary Miu Ruilin of Suqian

the Group’s Headquarter     2011-09-21         

The Group’s chairman of the board Ma Zhengwu met with the visiting group led by Miu Ruilin, the party sectary of Suqian, Jiangsu province Sept. 19th.

Ma first extended his sincere welcome to the visitors and expressed the Group’s concerns about the project of Jiangshu forest paper industry park. He pointed out that a successful cooperation demanded openness and clarity in exchanges, in order to optimize plans for the project and raise positive proposals. Miu made an introduction about the project’s forestland resources, logistics, status quo of administration procedure and plans of the following work. He also stated that the local government would fully support the project and would provide overall and high grade service.

China National Paper Industry Investment Corp. had exchanged ideas with Suqian’s economic development zone over the project of forest paper. The meeting enabled both sides to further openly exchange their respective concerns and suggestions on the following work. Both sides agreed to carry out a research over the project with mutual support.

Member of CPC Suqian standing committee and secretary of party working committee Xu Bujian, general manager of China National Paper Industry Investment Corp. Tong Laiming and general accountant Yansu, director of the Group’s president office Zhu Xiaozheng attended the meeting.


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