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The Group Organized Trainings about State-Owned Property Right Management

集团总部     2011-09-28         

In order to practice the spirit stated on the annual working conference and strengthen the property right management, the Group organized a property right management training at the headquarter from Sept. 26th to 27th.The Group’s vice president Qi Kaiming was present and gave a speech. Persons in charge of property right management and the staff of property right management in secondary enterprises and relevant staff in the headquarter amounting to eighty people participated in the training, which was hosted by the chief inspector of the Capital Operating Center Zhu Yue.

The training was greatly supported by the Property Bureau of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and all the lecturers were dispatched by the Property Bureau. Head of Property Right Office I Yuan Mouzhen, head of Assessment Office Gao Zhiyu, deputy director general of Stock Right Office Wang Dianna gave lectures on the management of state-owned property right at home and abroad, capital assessment, stipulations on state-owned property right in listed companies and practical operations respectively. The entire staff of Property Right Office I was present to answer relevant questions.

Qi emphasized on the fundamental, pivotal and strategic role of property right management in the supervision of state-owned assets and the reform of enterprises. All the enterprises should attach great importance to the property right management, and should integrate it to the agenda of daily operating and the development strategy of the entire enterprise. He pointed out that it was the mainstay of the property right management of the Group who participated in the training. He wished that an honest and self-disciplined leader group excelled at property right management would be formed through this training. The training should enable the participants to realize the importance of property right management and to further enhance the professional knowledge so as to fulfill their responsibilities. All the companies should organize the training about the knowledge, method and principles of property right management among their staff including the leaders of the company. All the members of the Group should make efforts to elevate the property right management.

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